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From the Boardroom to the Bedroom

From the Boardroom to the Bedroom helps women who are successful in business achieve success in their relationships. To believe that a high-quality man is intimidated by your success or your money is the comfort food women feed themselves to justify why they are still single. Like success, there is a strategy and a blueprint for how to have a healthy, thriving, supportive relationship. Use your ambition to finesse your femininity without divorcing your masculinity and achieve success in love & life.

About Linda

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Brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous. Linda holds several degrees in Biological Sciences and Organizational Leadership. Linda has been a keynote speaker at women’s events, faith-based organizations, facilitated and led workshops and seminars at corporate conferences, and continues to coach individuals on how to create strategies to scale and grow their business. After 14 years of uncertainty and compromising relationships where she gave way more than she received, not needing a man but desperately wanting a partner, she finally discovered the secret to the secret revealing it’s an inside job. Since 2009, Linda has worked with individuals and couples who have achieved success in business to teach them the blueprint for how to achieve and thrive in a successful relationship.

In her debut novel, From the Boardroom to the Bedroom | Her Heart Her Hustle, Linda teaches women who are successful in business the secret to the secret through building a strategic relationship plan for love and life. The key to destroying the glass ceiling that holds femininity hostage at the expense of masculinity no longer is a barrier to love and relationship. Yes, we are mixing business with pleasure and Linda teaches women who are successful in business that love is limitless and so is their ability to achieve it.

Linda lives in Smoke Rise, Georgia, empty nester with her incredible and amazing husband, who partnered with her on this journey knowing that even though she might stumble, he would never let her fall.


Capture the Beauty


Placeholder or Game Changer? It's not your education, your career, your economic status or what you look like that changes the game. It's when you stop lying to yourself and show up as your authentic self. That is when the game changes. 


Linda's Talks


Why do some relationships thrive while others struggle to survive? Relationships don't plan to fail, they just don't have a strategy for success. Success in business or relationship is not by accident but by design.

A successful relationship is a business. The business of you. You would not leave a multi-million dollar business to a 6 year old when you go on vacation, but that is exactly what you are doing if you do not have a plan or a target for what a healthy relationship looks like and how to go about achieving it.



  • Learn 3 Universal Laws that will transform how they approach relationships.

  • Learn to navigate through challenges using their built-in Guidant System to transform the way they connect.

  • Implement measurable and actionable strategies that allows you to create harmony in love and business.

Women desiring practical solutions to navigating success in career and harmony in relationships.



For a generation of strong women achievers, myths have become the truth. If you attended a good school, have an impressive job, have career aspirations or are climbing the ladder of success in your chosen career, men will find you less attractive. 

Linda challenges the conflicting dichotomy of whether smart men marry smart women or are men intimidated by high achieving women and therefore, find them less attractive.


The audience will:


  • Learn the difference between femininity and feminism.   

  • Learn 3 fundamental principles to achieving harmony in the boardroom and the bedroom.

  • Strengthen your internal Guidant System to navigate around barriers to love and relationship.

  • Learn a 3 part framework to developing a strategic relationship plan.


Women desiring practical solutions to navigating success in career and harmony in relationships.

From the Boardroom to the Bedroom | Her Heart Her Hustle

Masculinity has always been an asset and femininity a liability in the boardroom. What if you could learn how to embrace your femininity without divorcing your masculinity to achieve harmony in love and life? Strategies are fundamental pathways to achieving success in business, why not use them to achieve success in your relationship.

Linda leverages her 35 years of experience where she teaches a 3-part framework to help determine success from the boardroom to the bedroom and apply those strategies to win in love & life.  Those traits and leadership skills that are rewarded in business can now serve you in love when you develop a strategy and a plan to cultivate connection through a heighten sense of self-awareness, improved communication, and respect for the diversity in partnership.

Participants will learn:

  • The #1 strategy to mindset proficiency to achieving success in love and life.

  • The 3 key performance indicators to measure success in business and in relationships. consistently.

  • How to grow and scale the business of you to excel in love and in life.


Women desiring practical solutions to navigating success in career and harmony in relationships.


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Linda's Testimonials


Her Heart. Her Hustle! Amazing work of literary art! So insightful! So impactful! It has transformed my views and approach to relationships & marriage. 

Pamala Rogers, CEO S. T. Banks Investments, Inc.


Her Heart Her Hustle is a blueprint for success. It helps you to make sense of your life and identify the gaps in your internal system to create clarity in your vision of building a healthy, long-term partnership. Love isn't a mystery, it is intentional. And like any successful business, you have to have a plan, a strategy, and a teamwork mentality to build, grow and scale your relationship year after year after year. She truly has a natural gift!

Christen M. Dillard Safety and Compliance Coordinator, Melior Discovery 


She has a unique gift. Linda listens without judgment, hears perspectives that aren't being shared, and offers guidance that challenges you to be the best version of yourself. The version that allows you to achieve the best possible outcome in your relationships. I highly recommend Linda as a relationship coach. 

Tamisha L. HR Professional 


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